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Refine the business idea, gain traction, get ready for the acceleration phase and connect with our ecosystem linkages.

  • Refine your start-up idea
  • Achieve customer and stakeholder validation
  • Map a path to launch your company
  • Get connected with ecosystem linkages and craft proposal for initiating pitches


  • Refine the Idea: Sessions are designed over the course of the phase to help the entrepreneur to refine and validate the idea, and hone the ability to communicate with customers.
  • Analyze the Market: Analyze the market and get trained in customer research techniques with our network of expertise and achieve customer and stakeholder validation.
  • Prepare the Business Strategy: Interactive sessions in collaboration with our mentors, experts and industry and academic partners for the entrepreneurs to undergo the strategy sessions for the successful execution and implementation of their idea, product or service.
  • Map the Journey: Guidance and support of industry, academic partners and successful entrepreneurs to map a path for reaching out to the potential customer and market.
  • Craft Proposal and Initiate Pitch: Put together a compelling pitch deck which will help you to secure funding with the support of our ecosystem linkages.