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EnergyLab Australia was founded to support new business and technological initiatives that move Australia and the world toward 100% clean energy solutions.

EnergyLab is to supported by origin – the largest energy company of Australia, govt. of New South Wales, Australia and university of technology, Sydney.

With Headquarter in Sydney, EnergyLab also has centered in Melbourne in Brisbane. Energy Lab is part of the New Energy Nexus, a global alliance of clean energy accelerators.

EnergyLab Australia’s largest cleantech startup accelerator and network dedicated to the clean energy transition. We connect talented founders to the mentors, advisors, partners, peers and investors they need to succeed.

EnergyLab is key knowledge partner for AIC-EMPI, in Cambodia; EnergyLab is gratefully supported and funded by Australian Aid, UNDP, British Embassy, USAID Development Innovations, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, EnergyLab works to support the growth of the clean energy market, with a particular focus on innovation, startups and entrepreneurship. EnergyLab runs a range of programs to help entrepreneurs develop, launch and grow new energy businesses in the region.

Whether they be local or international, EnergyLab Asia assists by providing co-working space, ideation and opportunity analysis, support programs and investor introductions. Inspired by and in partnership with EnergyLab Australia’s world-leading initiative, EnergyLab can offer you a unique set of resources and skills to help propel success.

EnergyLab Asia works to connect and create a clean energy ecosystem of businesses, industry, investors, entrepreneurs and research institutes through a range of programs, partnerships and events.