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Name of the startup Focus Area Description
1 Evolved Transportation System Pvt. Ltd.  Mobility Working towards innovation and technology development for hassle free mobility of essential services vehicle like ambulance and fire brigade. DPIIT recognized MSME and WEP registered startup.
2 Viridescent Solar plus New Agriculture Working on Hydroponics farming in conjunction with Solar PV.
3 Areon Mobility
Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Clean Mobility Last-mile delivery using electric vehicles. Recognized startup by DIPP.
4 Pakshi Aerial Mobility Working on Aerial Mobility. An MSME and WEP registered startup.
5 Green Stacks Environment Working towards innovation and technology development for the reduction of pollution from chimneys of industries and power plants.
6 Polynode Multi Services Pvt. Ltd. Health Care Solution on health care domain. DPIIT recognized MSME and WEP registered startup.
7 SELIOT Engineers Private Limited Health Care and Solar Developing an innovative solution based on thermo-electric piezo electric principal for health sector as well cold chain applications – both static and mobile.
8 Small Town Solar with Electrical Mobility Providing services for the agriculture domain. Also they are trying to disrupt the segment by developing solar based solutions for the agriculture and farming.
9 Traffix Technologies Pvt Ltd Transport Towards simplifying the road safety management.
10 Indivisible Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Electricity, New and Renewable Energy and Enviornmental sustainability Manufacturing Smart LED lights and other home automation products.
11 Alligare Techno Ventures LLP Agriculture and Allied Fields Providing solution for agriculture and farming by developing sensors based monitoring of the farms land; crops etc. They are into development of an IOT enabled monitoring framework for ease of farm business.
12 SACPW Agri Pvt. Ltd. Agriculture Working on finding solutions for the challenges faced in Agri domain business by providing necessary support services, technological innovation and by developing a platform for logistic – supply chain management to ease the complete process from farm to market.
13 BOTS Edu Tech Pvt. Ltd. Edu-Tech Focuses on Aerial mobility training and solutions for various sectors including agri-tech, health care, defence etc.
14 Innovel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Transport Working on Hybrid Propulsion System for Clean Sea E Mobility and is working towards creating innovative solutions for E Mobility on sea transport. With an objective to undertake the development of reliable electrical hybrid propulsion system to meet the increasing demand for clean marine mobility is working on high-speed boats and on Ground Effect Vehicles(GEVs) or Wing In Ground(WIG)Crafts.
15 Kaizen Wave  Other emerging areas or of social / national importance Working on RFID consulting and now working towards developing Innovative Connecting Device which shall be used for the purpose of content sharing and access, which will be developed by the company considering Indian market scenario.
16 Road Metrics Pvt. Ltd. Transport RoadMetrics is an Enterprise Grade Application providing unique solution maps road information using the image and sensor data through a simple smartphone using our ground fleet.
17 Tech Eagle Pvt Ltd.(Proposed) Transport Team is working on providing logistic support services through specific inhouse drones. Also, for making hassle free transport of emergency services, Tech Eagle team is working on making customized designs.
18 Futurestic (Proposed)  Other emerging areas or of social / national importance Working on AI based aggregator platform to simplify the retail business.
19 Rama Sleeping Pod (Proposed)  Other emerging areas or of social / national importance Working on finding solutions for the challenges faced by people while travelling, created because of half sleep or exhaustion. So that they can take a short nap and take away their tiredness.