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Work with national and international partners for joint development, cross mentoring and market access across different geographies

  • Expand and grow your startup
  • Augment customer base
  • Raise your next rounds of funding

Be a part of joint development programs and soft landing


Masterclasses: Participate in series of master classes on a range of topics critical to launch, growth and expansion of your start-up. Topics include legal, accounting, sales, marketing, financial modeling, slide deck creation, pitching, capital-raising, intellectual property rights and many more. Master classes are run by experienced professionals and successful entrepreneurs from the mentor network and partner organizations.

Fund Raising: Get connected with the network of investors (Angels, VCs, and others) with an interest in renewable energy, IoT, agri business, health, Ed-Tech and clean & smart mobility start-ups to raise capital to grow and expand.

Joint Development: Association with organizations that help start-ups in getting access to the markets, different geographies, etc. and provide them opportunity to evolve and expand through joint development projects and soft landing in new markets.