Rajeev Jain

Rajiv Jain has handled cross-functional assignments in Government Interface, Public Policy, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Consulting, Projects and Manufacturing in varied industry disciplines, namely, Electronics, Telecom, Power and Financial Services. Rajiv has over three decades of rich work experience, and, has held senior positions in the private and public sectors as part of his professional career. His last employment was with India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA), a premier industry association in the electronics and semiconductor industry, where Rajiv worked as Vice President, Government Affairs for about 11 years till June 2018. He headed the Government Interface and advocated several key policy initiatives for growth of the sector. These included setting up ESDM Incubation Centers, Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs), Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) and International Office of IESA in Taiwan to facilitate investment promotion. Rajiv was part of various important Government Committees and Working Groups. He was also associated with several industry committees and member of the Governing Council of the ESSCI. Rajiv also helped expand the visibility of IESA in key international geographies. Post his innings at IESA, Rajiv is advisor to the Indian storage alliance.